They mentioned that it is the strongest part in the EMR system an

They mentioned that it is the strongest part in the EMR system and the results are available on the same day, for example, “The stronger point on cerner (EMR) is lab’s and x-rays” (FG3). Participants Ganetespib HSP (e.g. HSP90) inhibitor found that online orders from the Cerner tick list were easier than the written ones, for example, “If you are comparing writing an order with ticking order, ticking order is easier” (FG3). The EMR viewing capability was considered to be useful information for patient management because it helped with continuity

of care and to follow progression of many chronic diseases, for example, “For example, if you have a patient with renal failure you can see the results (creatinine) for one year which is very useful” (FG2). Participants believed that X-ray orders are very helpful because the radiologist has access to the history of the patient, for example, “It was really miserable because there is no history for the doctor to read from x-ray. When I sit with the doctor the radiologist, I feel what he is feeling because there is nothing just X-ray. Okay for what? What are you thinking? What are your

differential, it is nothing” (FG3). Regarding the electronic prescription, participants were very excited since it helps in reducing the errors. “It is easy and safe also” (FG1). They indicated that the prescription refill system saved time. Participants stated that they liked the drug reference text that appeared with each medication order. Participants suggested agreeing on uniformity in the use of metric units deciding on either reporting

in milligram or millimol. Several participants agreed that the EMR referral is much easier and patients could be traced and followed up through the system. Feedback about patient referral and management was a major improvement according to participants. The previous paper system did not support Dacomitinib continuity of care or feedback, for example, “Before we don’t know any feedback about the patient but now I refer one patient suspecting bronchiolitis or something after one hour I can open the cerner(EMR) and I can see what they did for him” (FG1). According to some participants, the referral and feedback system enhances continuity of care of the patients; it provides them with a complete picture of post referral management and progress, for example, “I think referred for us as Family medicine for continuity of case is better” (FG2). Regarding the disadvantages of the EMR, participants reported that the system was time-consuming and required too much detailed documentation, for example, “Previously documentation was not such detail when using file.

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